The 10 Best Diaper bags 2019

To find you the most stylish and functional diaper bag of 2019, we put 27 diaper bags to the test! We stuffed them with baby products, tossed them on the ground, tried out the insulated baby bottle pockets, spilled milk in them, forced the zipper open and shut, and put a 25-pound weight inside to make sure the fabric and straps were durable and comfortable. We found about a dozen great diaper bags, most of which come in several different colors and patterns – so don’t judge only by the picture we provide! Here are the top 10 diaper bags we found, followed by in-depth reviews of about a dozen different options.

Here are the Ideal Diaper Pictures of 2019!

1. HapTim Backpack Diaper Bag.

Best Diaper bags

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This is an wonderful backpack-style diaper bag that’s stylish, durable, convenient, comfortable, and feature-rich. It is a medium-sized diaper bag which you can take out has a hand-tote or as a diaper bag back. It’s a contemporary gender-neutral style, aided by the heather gray colour, the leather accents, the asymmetrical front pocket, and its classic design . It is the type of bag which both mother and dad will be eager to wear, which makes it among those sole unisex diaper bags in our listing. Plus it has some fantastic capabilities. We adored the side baby jar outside pockets, the zippered wipe dispenser onto the side, along with the concealed pocket on the trunk (up from the back) that may hold valuables without the probability of pick-pocketing. That is great if you reside in town, or traveling to urban areas in which that is a problem (such as on the subway!) . We also enjoyed the significant padding against the trunk, to keep things comfortable for longer trips. Additionally, it has stroller straps on the sides, even though we warn you to be cautious about attaching diaper bags to scooters as a result of tipping hazard. In that respect, it is undoubtedly a fantastic size for projecting to the stroller’s underside basket, but still large enough to hold the majority of your belongings. Speaking of dimensions, the main compartment is actually quite large and can be split well into a net pocket space, a zippered pocket, and elastic pockets for holding smaller items. We could match everything needed into the bag with no difficulties. It is good to have a well split main compartmentto stop things from sinking to the ground and staying elusive on your desperate hunt for this clean pacifier! In addition, we need to point out that this business is quite responsive to client issues. This is actually their third variant of the fantastic diaper bag, using enhanced stitching and reinforcements according to client feedback (and in case you’ve got the old version with a problem, you can email them and they will send you the newer one at no cost!) . And the price is right too, coming in about $40. Thus, if you’re trying to find the comfort and ease of a backpack, this really is a fantastic alternative! Be aware that we checked the HapTim Multifunction Big Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, that is quite much like very highly suggested. Interested? You may take a look at the HapTim Backpack diaper bag here.

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2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag.

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Sold at Nordstrom as well as other upscale retailers, the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags (and back diaper bags) are one of the hottest, super-stylish, and higher excellent diaper bags on the market. The designs are awesome and vary from multicolored black with golden trimming, to flowers and abstract watercolors. The layouts are subtle and provide the bags a luxury appearance. Along with the cost will signify that, with this Boxy Backpack version coming in at just over $150, which makes it the priciest diaper tote option on the list! Its cost is virtually justified by its high quality and performance. The bag we attempted, the Indigo version pictured to the right, was created right here in the USA of cotton canvas which has a durable shiny coating onto it for water and stain resistance. For performance, this tote is actually big, coming in at approximately 0.90 cubic feet of power. For pockets, you will find several interior (8 of them), including 2 with zippers, and 3 out (two for infant bottles around the side, plus one bigger one on the front which holds the included diaper changing channel and pad). So, there is a lot of space inside, and a lot of pockets for organizing baby care products, along with the top opens up fine and wide for effortless access. Concerning flexibility, in addition, it has many carrying options. You may take it like a bag employing the top grip handle, or use it like an over the shoulder diaper bag, back pack diaper bag, or attach to the stroller with the stroller straps that are included. It seems better as a shoulder bag, but if you get sore it is good to have the choice to wear it like a backpack. In our testingwe found that the bag to be usually large quality, trendy, flexible, practical, and very big. It stands on its own, which is actually fine – Put simply, it does not often topple over like any other messenger bags. Perhaps that is why it’s known as the Boxy version because the bottom is really boxy and steady. We also liked that it arrived with a slick plastic baby wipe holder or diaper bag that made excursions into the table easier. There is really a whole lot to appreciate about this particular diaper bag – but is the cost worth it? Well, there have been several limits to the tote we bought for testing. To begin with, we were amazed that there wasn’t any insulated pocket for bottles or meals, not the bottle pockets on the sides have some insulating material. Secondly, the cloth is offered in cotton wool, embossed stitching, along with a lush chenille. We really only analyzed the cotton canvas, but we made the mistake of placing it in the washing machine following a flavoring, as well as the bag fell apart a little – a few of the stitching came loose, and it looked like the tote lost some of its water resistance. So that was a bummer. At length, the back straps are not padded so they are not the most comfortable straps in the world – identical using the shoulder strap. So definitely some constraints which may force you to reconsider if the design and Petunia Pickle Bottom title recognition are worth the purchase price? We’ll allow you to decide! Interested? You may take a look at the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack diaper bag here.

3. HaloVa Backpack Diaper Bag.

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This is only one of the greatest bang-for-the-buck diaper bags within this particular listing, with fantastic design and performance. Be aware that in the event you do not enjoy the pinkish coral shade, it comes at a great deal of additional fashions. This diaper bag is a hand-tote that converts to a comfortable diaper backpack. It is very large, although not as big as the SkipHop or even SOHO, but it is definitely big and functional enough for many purposes. What we enjoyed about it’s it’s just like 35 dollars, and it has some characteristics which make it competitive with the best bags on this listing. It has side pockets, one of which has a slit in it so that it could distribute baby wipes! Additionally, it has a zippered mommy pocket to the exterior that may fit keys along with a telephone, and also the best zippered compartment is actually quite large and well-divided to a most important space for diapers, fabrics, clothes, toys, etc.. Additionally, it has a zippered mommy pocket to the interior, and a insulated zippered infant bottle pocket on the front which could fit up to 3 bottles (mainly the contemporary short and broad ones, not the traditional tall and narrow ones). It’s a smart method of dividing its distance, since you’re able to use the front pocket for only bottles, or you’ll be able to push it into the primary compartment and use it for substantially larger items. This will end up being a distinct space in the bottom of the main compartment, and this works out nicely since it attracts the base of the main compartment up considerably higher (making it less prone to shed things from the thickness ). In general, we found that this diaper backpack to be very excellent for its comparatively low cost. Do not expect super premium excellent hand-feel for those fabrics at this cost, or expect anything fancy like stroller straps or detachable zippered pockets, but we believe you’re going to be surprised with what they have pulled away! Interested? You may take a look at the HaloVa diaper tote here.

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4. SkipHop Baby Grand Central Diaper Bag.

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From the minute we opened the box, we all fell in love with this particular top-rated Skip Hop diaper tote! It perfectly shows the intersection between functionality and style. For moms with design, it utilizes a classy New York design colors and black stripe pattern, with light brown leather accents. We loved the look of this bag diaper tote style. But we’re even more impressed with the operation. This infant diaper bag has things done. It’s large, resilient, and contains a slew of pockets (11 to be precise ). For pockets, let us begin on the outside: it’s insulated side pockets which were large enough to match even the broadest baby bottles and maintain stored at a well controlled temperature. Above those around the sides are a few tiny pockets which were very readily accessible and ideal place for maintaining pacifiers. On the front, it’s zippered pockets, and that we believed were good for mom’s individual things: auto keys, a little wallet, or mobile phone. The interior is huge and well-lined for durability and effortless cleaning. It’s a massive center area, which is fantastic for diapers, wipes, changing pads (it includes a good one!) Toys and toys. A smart divider is set between the exterior grips and the key inside area, which provides much more storage area. All these were great for much more vertical things which you wish to slip up & out fast just like diaper cream, cream, and cream. In general, we absolutely adored this bag, and it performed well in our testing for durability, and we all think it’s extremely deserving of the place on the diaper tote listing! Disadvantages? Somewhat expensive, typically around $75. Highly suggested! Interested? Pay attention to the SkipHop Grand Central diaper tote here.

5. Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack Diaper Bag.

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This is only one of the trendiest backpack diaper bags on the market. Among the hottest Pinterest hooks of all time, mothers are enjoying this diaper backpack’s styling, features, and flexibility. And it is not just available from the design we reveal to the best, it’s also available in black, an adorably flower petal style, and jersey gray. And all of them look like very trendy diaper bags; in actuality, if it was not because of their tremendous size you may mistake it for a fashionable little backpack. Obviously, you will most likely have infant bottles sticking up from the side pockets and pacifiers dangling out of clips, therefore dead giveaway there also. Anyhow, this is a feature rich diaper bag that does not just look good, but it functions great also. It’s 7 pockets around the exterior, such as two insulated baby bottle pockets, zippered and lined side and top pockets for your keys and wallet, and convenient front pockets with flap closures. When it came it was much larger than we’d assumed dependent on the images; the interior is actually big and you will find 10 distinct pockets and dividers for coordinating all of the stuff you are going to be lugging around. It is really nice really because the diaper tote stands out on its own and also front zippered pocket opens up the whole front. However, while you do this, it is not only a major waterfall of the stuff falling forwards and out on the ground. It’s a mesh lining about the lower half of the inside to keep items from falling out, and if you mix that with all the various components and zippered pockets, then it is possible to do a wonderful job organizing items in here. There is enough room and dividers to different diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifiers, additional bottles, and much more. Talking of changing diapers, it includes a cute changing pad that folds up well, even though it does not incorporate any kind of diaper/wipe holder for when you wish to scurry off into the toilet using all the changing pad, a diaper and a few wipes. Various other items that it will have, but include stroller straps (but be careful to only use those on a stroller that’s packed with a baby who weighs sufficient to counteract the weight of this bag!) , the usage of vegan leather onto the pockets and tassels (which means you can look nice and feel great about not damaging animals to generate your bag), and a carrying handle up top. We also adored the floor, with its thick rubber feet which keep the bag secure and ready to stand by itself, while also maintaining the cloth material from touching the floor. That was pretty smart! In general, what worked nicely and felt adequate quality. The zippers were not as rocky as you may expect from a purse that costs $150, and there are a few reports on the internet about tiles dividing or ripping following a few weeks of usage. We have not had that problem, but we will update this review if we perform. Additionally, the shoulder pads might be a little more comfy for if you are carrying it out for longer intervals. So overall, if you have to have this fashion and are ready to fork over the money to get it, then this is undoubtedly a trendy diaper bag that’s not just super adorable but also amazingly practical and well-designed. Interested? You can check out the Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack here.

6. Finest Diaper bag Overall: The Maman Nappy.

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This top-rated bag appears like a huge handbag, and may even be confused as something aside from a diaper bag. But do not hold your breath, that is a tall accomplishment. This tote has a fashionable thick weathered exterior with tan leather, gold hardware, along with red accents, making it appear a lot more expensive than it really is. Coming in at about $55, this tote is in the sweet spot at which you’ll receive good quality and higher performance, without breaking the bank. Though it does not convert into a back pack like a few of the below versions, it will have some fantastic flexibility: you can take it like a hand-tote, use the shoulder strap, or use the included stroller straps to attach it directly on your stroller. Obviously, we always suggest using care with stroller straps, as a heavy diaper bag can give rise to a stroller to tip over backward. The bag itself is large, and everything about it seems good quality and thick. The cloth is water resistant, and we tested it out by putting it into a shallow sea and ensuring the clothes we place inside were stored dry. They had been, and we’re pleased to realize that the diaper bag lived up to its promises. This tote has 10 distinct pockets, 1 mother pocket out and one on the interior (for keys, phone, wallet, money ), two cushioned baby bottle pouches on the sides, two front pockets (with magnet closed ) and 1 back pocket (non-zippered), plus a huge principal compartment that’s somewhat more like a handbag than a diaper bag concerning how it’s split. The diaper changing pad is well-sized and may be individually washed from the machine. It is a huge purse, but not too large so it seems giant onto a medium-sized mother, or sticks out too much when hanging the stroller. Frankly, we think that it’s the ideal size. We found that the zippers, seams, and switches to be top quality, and we believe this bag will last you for many decades. Our most popular diaper bag in Pinterest, mothers love the appearance of this bag! Only two small gripes: we want the massive exterior pocket has been zippered or buttoned, therefore inquiring minds could not seem inside (and inquisitive infant hands could not achieve in!) , which the jar pockets were thermally insulated. Interested? Check out the Maman Nappy Diaper Bag here.

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7. Bags Nation Backpack Diaper Bag.

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This is a great backpack diaper bag, and among those all round highest-rated diaper bags you may see in the usa! And there are a number of fantastic reasons for this. It is an wonderful diaper bag backpack which does not stand out as a diaper bag: no surplus patterns or colors which make it clear, only a straightforward and trendy diaper bag available in dark or heathered gray. And has features galore: it could be performed with the best grip, as a back pack, and it features powerful built-in straps so that you can hang it on the back of your stroller. There are a lot of pockets, 14 of these in total, there’s guaranteed to be one that is the ideal size for everything you want to drag around! There’s a really big insulated baby bottle outside pocket on one side, pockets for small things like your telephone and pacifiers, bigger things like baby cream along with a stuffed animal, and there is an wonderful baby wash dispenser on the other side. You won’t understand how amazing that is till you fill it up and will need to quickly catch a wipe as you are out. Just hit back and pull out one. Straightforward, and we’re beginning to wonder why all diaper bags do not have this wonderful feature! 1 thing we were surprised by is how misleading the primary compartment would be: you think that it’s likely to be little but you start it up and realize it is really really large. Big enough that people can match in: The Spectra S2 breast pump and accessories, diaper rash ointment, the changing pad (it is included), burp cloths, disposable diapers (or cloth diapers), along with an excess change of clothing. And there was room to spare. We liked how big and flexible that this backpack diaper bag was within our testing. We also believed the zippers and cloth were top quality, and also the cloth appeared to do a good job . We did not break it into a puddle or something, but we discovered that splashing it with water did not get in the bag in any way. Thus, it ought to be all set at a rainstorm. Additionally, it came with a little diaper bag that is the ideal size to match a diaper, a little tube of lotion, and a couple wipes right into; the ideal size for bringing into the table. Thus, overall this is an superb diaper bag backpack that’s versatile and extremely functional. Just a few little drawbacks. To begin with there were reports of quality control problems with this tote. We did not have some problems, but a few mothers report ripping close to zippers, or even the insulated pocket coming apart at the seams. But we would like to point out that this business is quite responsive to their clients, and they’ll replace the bag when you have some difficulties! So that is reassuring. Secondly, the straps and padding are not the most comfortable on earth, but we’re pleased to strap it on our stroller once our shoulders becoming sore. We found it online for about $60, which we believe is a fantastic price for this operation. Interested? You can check out the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack here.


8. SOHO Grand Central Diaper Bag.

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Would you enjoy the SkipHop Grand Central, but believe it is a bit too expensive? Then this bag diaper bag is certainly the next-best alternative for you. This great diaper tote, the SOHO Grand Central, is styled using some rather similar functionalities, but at roughly half the cost. Though the SkipHop has features incorporated into the bag, this only takes a different approach and contains them as different bits. There is a different zippered and insulated baby bottle tote, another diaper clutch (for example disposable or cloth diapers, naturally!) , changing pad, toiletries bag, and a bit of wallet. It’s 5 distinct small bags for a variety of items, it took some time to determine what it was about. But when we didwe adored it. Being in a position to take out everything individually is another fashion, but we got used to it and ended up enjoying it. Visiting the enroll at Starbucks? Only bring the pocket part. Going to a seat to bottle feed? Only make the bottle pouch. It made some sense, and made cleanup a bit simpler when it is possible to wash every part individually. Such as the SkipHop it has zippered front pockets, handy side external pockets for pacifiers, and so is overall about precisely the exact same dimensions as the SkipHop, although the opening did extend somewhat wider overall. It includes a few stroller straps, which can be a wonderful touch, though unquestionably use warning using a heavy diaper bag to keep the stroller from tipping over backward. The quality is not quite on par with all the SkipHop, particularly concerning the inner lining, stitches, and zippers, however we believed at roughly half the cost it warrants a top place on our very best diaper bags listing. Highly suggested! Interested? Pay attention to the SOHO Grand Central diaper tote here.

9. FIVEMAX Backpack Diaper Bag.

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Here’s a terrific, easy, inexpensive diaper tote that will suit most parents’ design, performance, and durability requirements. Coming in at just about $30, it is among the least expensive back pack diaper bags in our listing and around the whole sector! We have our hands with this diaper tote in mid-2019 and set it through 3 months of hands on testing. The verdict? We enjoy it! In reality, we enjoy it we place it at our top 10! The design of the tote is on-point, using its heather gray durable cloth and brown leatherette trim, and easy yet innovative styling. We’re fairly impressed out of this box, it seems as a fairly large excellent tote which surprised us given the price point. Outside other first impression was that it actually had a great deal of storage and pockets. Right up front it’s a zippered and watertight compartment that can match anything moist or wet, such as a dirty diaper, wipes, or damp wash cloth. Right behind it’s a bigger and flexible zippered compartment which has many pockets: a significant net pocket, two insulated baby bottle pockets, plus a thin pocket which could be useful for your wallet. Then it’s another even larger zippered compartment behind this, with stains for wipes, diapers, and perhaps a few clothing and wash cloths. Ultimately, it’s a massive compartment behind this (the primary compartment) with 5 extra pockets inside; this really is a great spot to slip into the (well-sized) comprised changing pad. The main compartment is really cavernous, and also we could match 2 formulation tins along with a breast pump out there with no difficulties. Additionally, it has what sounds like it may be utilized as a tablet or little notebook sleeve against the rear of the main compartment, so gives it a wonderful flexibility for after your baby is old enough not to desire you lugging this around – you may actually use it for something aside from a diaper bag. On all sides of the back pack diaper bag is a water bottle holder which extends pretty big and is pretty heavy (approximately 6″). One of these pockets doubles as a baby wash dispenser by virtue of a tiny slit in the center (which means you can pull out wipes out). And there’s also a tiny zippered pocket from the back for extra safety (makes accessibility somewhat harder to get a prospective pick-pocket). In our testing, all the zippers and pockets were so simple to use, and also we did not have any difficulties with zipper ribbons or breakage coming undone. We loved the large upper haul handle, along with the stroller clips which may even snap onto stroller using quite thick grips. The shoulder straps have been comfy and have a wonderful mesh substance on the interior to assist venting. Everything adjusted nicely and we believed it was comfortable and durable, although it’s super lightweight. Disadvantages? It does not really stand nicely on its own unless you place something heavy and flat on the bottom of the main compartment (such as a few formulation containers or a breast implants ). It’s a wonderful logo on the front, but it will have a fairly cheesy slogan”excitement, not in another place but this place.” We also believed the diaper wipe pocket/dispenser required to be somewhat bigger to hold most contemporary infant wipe packages (you ought to acquire a 24 or 32 package for this ). Last, the infant bottle pockets were not broad enough to maintain a few of the wide-mouth bottles. Along with the tote overall is a fantastic size (roughly 25L), but nowhere close to the capacity of a number of the bigger bags on this listing. In general, there is a lot to appreciate here, with just a few small constraints. After we undergo a longer-term evaluation, it may begin to creep up on our listing! Interested? You can check out the FIVEMAX Diaper Bag Backpack here.

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10. Honest Company Everything Tote Diaper Bag.

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This is a huge and fashionable black vegan leather diaper bag with each pocket, compartment, and corner and cranny that you want to make for an ideal travel with your infant! In our testing, this designer baby diaper tote received the most attention from other mothers – each single time we used it we obtained opinions about how nice it is and queries about where we discovered it. And we were not surprised given precisely how fine this tote is. It’s designed as a big bag, coming in at approximately 19″ wide, 13″ high, and 7″ deep, meaning it has almost a full cubic foot of space indoors, which is actually cavernous! And it is not only inside space which makes this diaper tote amazing, it is also both zippered external pockets and the five extra external components that are fantastic for fast access to baby wipes, bottles, pacifiers, along with also the included changing pad (with the massive back outside pocket). There’s an amazing lined pocket to front which may be used for whatever wet – such as a wet bathing suit or clothes, while retaining the remainder of the bag and its contents tender. Additionally, it includes two wheeled pockets on the interior that are fantastic for maintaining a bottle or bite chilled during a journey, and a great deal of additional space that’s ideal for carrying a nursing cover, blanket, change of clothing, and much more. The changing pad includes a tiny travel pouch that is the ideal size for a diaper and wipes if you need something to swiftly bring with you to the table. Additionally, it contains a shoulder strap which you can use to take it across your torso, and in addition, it has stroller straps that will assist you connect it to a stroller (but be careful with this!) . We loved almost everything about this black faux leather messenger bag, also believed it was an wonderful complement to this year’s diaper tote purchasing guide. The Honest Company makes a back pack edition of the bag, known as the Honest Company City Backpack Diaper Bag, for roughly precisely the exact same cost, that is well worth checking out in the event that you prefer this style. Downfalls? Well if we are being really picky, the zippers were sometimes, and the bag straps were a fantastic size for carrying together with your forearm or hand but not quite large enough to wear your shoulder. But these are relatively minor factors which are about our subjective experience. However one huge challenge with this tote is the price tag, coming in at about $150 or so that sounds pricey for a faux leather diaper tote. If you like the styling but wish to save a little money, have a look at the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag which has a very similar appearance and performance but is a bit smaller and just about half the cost. Interested? You may take a look at the Honest Company Everything Tote diaper bag here.